Emergency Contacts

Please note these numbers should only be used in a genuine emergency, any other maintenance problems to be resolved when the office re-opens.

In Case of Emergency

Symonds & Sampson deem an emergency as threat to life or damage to the property i.e. boiler breakdown resulting in no heat or hot water within the property, burst pipes or failure to the electric supply. The cost of any call-outs deemed not to be an emergency will be charged in part to yourself (the portion relating to the extra rate for week-end/after-hours call-out). 

We would be grateful if you could familiarise yourself with the location of the stop cock, fuse box and circuit breakers at your property.

Gas Leaks

Transco - 0800 111 999

No Electricity 

If you have checked your trip switch and your wiring and appliances are not faulty call 0845 770 8090 to establish if there is a power cut in the area.


Axminster, Bridport & Beaminster Area: Ellward Smith Electrical - 07741 278346 or Top Sparks- 01308 420831
Dorchester Area: SwitchedOn – 07970500268
Sherborne Area: Bamfords Yeovil Ltd – 01935 423006 or North Dorset Electrical Services – 01963 362124
Sturminster & Blandford Area: Izzy Welch Electrical – 07967625957 or North Dorset Electrical Services – 01963362124 or Portmore Electrical Ltd - 01258 458794
Yeovil Area: Bamfords Yeovil Ltd – 01935 423006


Axminster, Bridport & Beaminster Area: D Smith Plumbing & Heating - 07887 637948
Dorchester Area: JP Free - 07954 703943 or D Smith Plumbing & Heating - 07887 637948
Sherborne & Yeovil Area: Bamfords Yeovil Ltd – 01935 423006
Sturminster & Blandford Area: Complete Gas & Plumbing – 01258 440222 or Boilerwise (Heating Only) – 01258 474605

Blocked Drains:

Axminster, Bridport & Beaminster Area: Axminster Drainage - 07974 746593
Dorchester Sturminster & Blandford Area: Buckland Newton Hire - 01300 345378
Sherborne & Yeovil Area: N-Tec - 01935 872892


Axminster, Bridport & Beaminster Area: Hallmark – 01308 427623
Dorchester Area: The Window Man – 01305 261112
Sherborne & Yeovil Area: Acorn Property Maintenance - 07971 559895
Sturminster & Blandford Area: Total Window Repairs - 01747 812666 or Acorn Property Maintenance - 01935 474848


Axminster, Bridport & Beaminster Area: Dorset Locksmith - 01305 250042
Dorchester Area: Dorset Locksmith - 01305 250042
Sherborne & Yeovil Area: Southwest Locksmith - 07972 104328 or Acorn Property Maintenance - 07971 559895 or County Locksmiths – 01747 826311
Sturminster & Blandford Area: ASL Dorset Locksmiths - 01258 480207 or Acorn Property Maintenance - 01935 474848

Protecting Your Home During Winter

During the winter months we would like to draw your attention to the following steps you need to take to protect your home specifically if you are away for any length of time over this period.

Please ensure all heating is left on a low continuous setting (60F/15C minimum), this will help prevent frozen pipes which can burst and cause serious damage to your property. If there is a Loft space the hatch should be left open to enable warm air to circulate in to the Loft. Please also turn off and drain any outside water taps. If your Property has oil or LPG please ensure that you have adequate levels and that you have arranged a top-up service with your provider by the beginning of December, well in advance of the Christmas Break.

Please ensure that all windows and doors are firmly locked and if there is a Security Alarm please check that it is working and ensure that it is set. If you are going to be away for more than 7 days please make us aware in writing and we would suggest that you arrange for the property to be visited by a responsible person whilst you are away. Please do not turn off the utility supplies (gas, water, electricity etc.) while you are away.