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Regulations & Legislation

Rental legislation and Safety regulations covering Rental property are constantly changing, and our agents will ensure that you fulfil your legal responsibilities.

We keep up so you don't have to

There are currently over 150 separate pieces of legislation governing the rental of your property. At our initial letting consultation, and for the duration of our letting and management of your property, we’ll keep you up to date and your tenant safe.

Safety Standards. You’ll need to have electrical and gas checks carried out and certified, ensure furnishings are compliant with legislation, that the property is safe and in good repair, and that services are operating correctly.

Energy Performance. You’ll need an Energy Performance Certificate to help a tenant evaluate the running costs of the property.

Tenant Checks. Does your prospective tenant have a Right to Rent.

Deposit & Deposit Protection. You need to be clear about the deposits required and how they will be held within the Tenant Deposit Scheme

Financial Responsibilities. You’ll need to evaluate your tax liability, particularly if you are an overseas landlord; you’ll need consent to let from your lender, insurer and head landlord (leasehold properties).

and let's not forget the Consumer Protection Act 2008.

These are just a snapshot of safety regulations. Our qualified letting agents will guide you through the process. Whilst the Regulations might appear onerous, they are designed to ensure the safety of the property and tenants and therefore smooth running of the tenancy. With heavy fines and even the threat of imprisonment in the event of a breach of safety regulations, or the risk of issues with possession complications if legislation is not strictly adhered to, it’s essential that you receive professional advice before and during the letting of your property