Symonds & Sampson link with the NFU and The Woodland Trust

Published: 18/03/2024 By Mark Lewis

As part of a scheme organised through The Woodland Trust and the NFU, Symonds & Sampson have planted 180 trees in North Dorset. The firm committed to planting thousands of trees throughout the region, and Senior Partner Mark Lewis has been pleased to be involved. “13% of the UK is covered with trees but this is not enough to tackle climate change. We have been planting healthy, native trees where they are needed most. We have planted on marginal land, in memory of our client’s loved ones, and also in hedgerows where so many Elm, and now Ash have been lost over the years.”

Surveyors Sam Haskell and Will Cairns of Symonds & Sampson have been involved in the project “Most of the trees planted have been Oak, Rowan and Elder and we expect them to grow at different speeds throughout their life cycle. We are looking forward to showing the woods to our children and grandchildren and boasting that we made a difference!”