The Green, Green Grass of Spring

Published: 28/03/2023 By Rosie Dutson

With the spring grass beginning to grow, it is a good time for farmers to let out or rent land.  Rural Surveyor Rosie Dutson explains the details of the Grazing Licences or ‘Grass Keep’ agreements you might need to use

Licenses are generally short-term, running from April through to October and allow grass to be grazed or cut and removed from the land by a licensee.

Grazing Licences are a simple and effective agreement to put in place to ensure that the land is being managed appropriately by both the Licensee and Licensor for the grazing and cutting season.

With a licence of this nature, the Licensor (landowner) maintains management control of the land and therefore is deemed to be the farmer, enabling them to apply for the annual Basic Payment Scheme, where entitlements are available, and any environmental schemes in place. This could also be important for Inheritance Tax Purposes. Licensees will manage the land in accordance with any schemes in place, with this being agreed in writing within the agreement.

Although it may be tempting to only have a verbal agreement, we always strongly encourage our clients to have a written agreement in place to ensure retained management control as well as help to avoid any conflict or confusion throughout the course of the agreement, with both parties knowing where they stand.

If you are looking to let or rent land and require assistance with drawing up a Grazing Licence agreement, please contact Rosie Dutson, Rural Surveyor in our Sturminster Newton on 01258 472244 or one of our Rural Agents in your local Symonds & Sampson office. Find details of grass keep and land currently available to rent here. 

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