Dorset Council Call For Sites 2023

Published: 16/03/2023 By Andrew Tregay

As part of the ongoing development of their new local plan, Dorset Council have issued a call for property owners to consider any potential sites they may have that are suitable for residential or commercial development or ecological designation. Head of Planning Andrew Tregay details this unique opportunity

Dorset Council are required to make a strategic allocation of residential and commercial development sites and sites suitable for ecological habitat creation and green energy production as part of their new local plan. As part of the development of the plan, they have issued an open call to property owners to identify potential sites.

Residential and Commercial development sites might include

  • Land adjoining a settlement or built-up area
  • Land within a settlement
  • Garden/back yard plots
  • Subdivision of existing plots
  • Brownfield land
  • Agricultural/rural buildings with the potential to convert
It is worth noting however that any residential land needs to be over 0.3ha or for 10 or more dwellings.

Additionally, the Council are looking for areas for ecological enhancements.  Suitable land could include any rural land, particularly if either inherently wet, boggy land or land located close to a watercourse, within a phosphate/nitrate catchment area, and which could be suitable to create ecological habitat to mitigate the growing nutrient issue or for biodiversity net gain.

“Where land is allocated as part of the local plan there is a general presumption in favour of its development (for the specified use), therefore making any subsequent planning application far more likely to succeed” explains Andrew Tregay, Head of Planning at Symonds & Sampson. To discuss the suitability of a potential site, advice on making a submission, or any planning-related matters, please contact Andrew on 01258 472244 or a member of our Planning team (below)in your nearest office.

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