Secured Lending & Financial Planning

Consider where you will obtain finance and what sort of valuation will be required

Symonds & Sampson act for a wide range of High Street and private banks, financial institutions and brokers in the provision of property valuations for the purpose of secured lending and business restructuring.

Secured lending may be required to facilitate:

  • Property purchase
  • Investment in buildings, improvements, livestock, machinery and equipment
  • Housing development and land promotion
  • Development appraisals
  • Restructuring of family assets and businesses including partnerships and companies


The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC) has over 80 years' experience in providing farm finance and is positive and keen to support farming businesses wherever possible. AMC's brief encompasses traditional farming businesses as well as diversification opportunities, agri-businesses and other ventures in the countryside.

The main part of our business with AMC remains the restructuring of existing borrowing (hire purchase, leasing, overdraft, trade credit etc) and putting these into a single loan which many clients find much easier to manage.

Symonds & Sampson LLP and the AMC, for whom we act as agents, are used to assisting farmers and growers on a strictly confidential basis, with a view to seeing the business grow from a solid base and on the best terms available. Symonds & Sampson often closely link their role with the client's accountants and solicitors.

If you are wondering whether AMC will support your venture, please contact us and we will be happy to advise on a strictly confidential and no obligation basis.

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Your Words, Not Ours

I thank you sincerely for your exceptionally useful help in working out how best to respond to the recent overage buy-out offer, we are very appreciative. I really welcome all the truly excellent professional assistance that we receive in north Dorset with regard to financial matters.

I wanted to thank you very much for all your guidance and help you have given us in getting the approval for the new dwelling on the farm. It is very good news. Your help and input has been the key factor to us getting planning permission.

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