Charity Act Disposals

Professional advice must be sought from a qualified Chartered Surveyor before a disposal is made.

Disposals by Charities of interests in land including freehold sales, easements and leases for longer than 7 years require Charities to comply with the provisions of Sections 117-121 of the Charities Act 2011.

Charities must obtain a written report that complies with the Charities (Qualified Surveyors' Reports) Regulations 1992. The purpose of the legislation on disposals is to ensure that the decision to dispose of an interest in property by the Charity Trustees is in the best interests of their Charity. Charity Trustees have a legal obligation to obtain the best price available in the circumstances of the disposal.

The surveyor's report will make recommendations with regard to any improvements and alterations that should be carried out prior to marketing, the best method of sale and advice as to the current market value or rental value of the interest. Advice will also address appropriate marketing.

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We both really appreciate the work you have put in to get the Agricultural Tie lifted. You deserve a GOLD medal

Thank you for all your hardwork sorting out the BPS and ELS/HLS claims and issues over the past couple of months, much appreciated by the team

James was very helpful and extremely professional as well as being most approachable. I’m so pleased I came to ask you for your help and am very grateful for it.

Well it all went through this week due in no small part to your excellent and swift survey thank you

Thank you very much for the report and your sound advice. And to Sarah for organising the survey so quickly. I am so grateful to have the facts to make an informed decision and have gone back to the estate agents to re-negotiate.

Excellent service from Ryan and if we need a valuation again, we will 100% be using him

A huge part of the success of the Managing Agent role is directly related to establishing and maintaining sound and effective procedures and having a trusted and available central contact point for shareholders, that is where you fit in….. Thanks to your (largely) unseen work in the background, the implementation of a brand new managing agency facility for three very different MANCOs and in the teeth of a Global pandemic has been remarkably smooth.

On behalf of ..... Farms I would just like to thank you for all your input in securing planning consent with a detailed set of plans drawn up in a very professional way

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