Virtual Property Tours

Property video tours are an essential tool for anybody buying or selling property, lots of estate agents offer them. But do you really want anybody and everybody to see inside your home? Find out how Symonds & Sampson do it differently.

Virtual Property Tours

In response to the challenges faced by those trying to buy or sell property during the current pandemic, many agents are offering video tours of properties on the market.  Putting these videos out into the public domain can stimulate more online activity, although have no control as to who is viewing or sharing the content can prove  challenging to sellers and agents, for example it is impossible to determine whether the activity online is from prospective buyers, web-surfers or nosey-neighbours!

At Symonds & Sampson we do things differently.  The 3D showcases we provide for our clients are professional produced by a third party marketing company  and their sharing is controlled by our agents to ensure the best interests of clients at all time.

Jon Summers, Head of Agency assures our clients ‘Security of their homes is at the forefront of our minds. The ability to manage whom views will allow us to promote properties face to face (via a virtual meeting) with interested parties, provide feedback, and ensure that those who do view in person are committed to purchasing a home like yours.

Here’s a sample of one of the superb videos we can offer, contact your local office to find out more.

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