Trade is strong at Frome Market

As the world keeps turning in these very uncertain times, Auctioneer Charlie Coleman reports that the trade at Frome Market is still in full swing.

Trade is strong at Frome Market

In recent weeks, farmers have seen costs spiralling for fuel, feed and fertilisers. Reviewing day to day practices, including weighing up the cost of rearing stock is a decision at the front of many of their minds.  

Vendors using the sale ring at Frome Market are reaping the dividends. The cattle trade really has intensified with barren cows hitting record levels and store and fat cattle prices accelerating. These much improved returns are drastically needed to allow producers to still earn an income from stock. Interestingly calf prices have seen very little movement, no doubt reflecting the rising price of beef which in turn is probably due to the rising cost of the rearing process, particularly the cost of milk powder.

Selling through Frome’s live ring has been the key to many success stories this year, as prices achieved there exceeding those achieved in other outlets. Whether restricted by TB or not, Frome is firmly established as a one stop shop and allowed vendors to reap the rewards of this very buoyant beef trade.  A regular sale of TB restricted calves and stirks, established in November last year, is the newest sale to the calendar and trade is thriving.  An essential outlet to farmers, whether under movement restrictions or not, are able to market their stock on their own terms, and to receive a fair market price.

Symonds & Sampson’s Agricultural Sales Department often hold their livestock sales at Frome Market, taking advantage of the excellent facilities on offer. On Wednesday, a herd of 63 dairy cows will be held in conjunction with Cooper & Tanner, on behalf of the Marsden family from Hook, Hampshire. Regular buyers attending the market in person will be joined by online bidders. A further sale of 150 pedigree Friesian Holstein dairy cows will be held at Frome on 30th March.  Last month, a similar sale of 133 dairy cows was held at Frome on behalf of the Walters family (Symonds & Sampson having sold the farm) producing some outstanding results from bidders both in attendance and online via Marteye.

With an in depth knowledge of farming and rural businesses, our Auctioneers and Rural Agents are on hand to help you decide on the future of your farm. Contact Charlie or Greg Ridout on 01935 382909, or the agents in our local office.

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