To Sell or Not to Sell?

Stay? Move? Improve? Residential Partner Steve Allen offers top tips on preparing your property for launching on the market

To Sell or Not to Sell?

So, you are thinking of moving.  Your house is too big, too small, expensive to run…. but the cost of removals, legal fees, stamp duty all mount up.  Moving house is an emotional and financial challenge, and before you make your decision there are perhaps alternatives you can consider. 

Loft or outbuilding conversions can create additional accommodation to either use or let (subject to planning), home improvements such as updating of windows, insulation or heating can improve efficiency.  Updating a kitchen or bathroom can be done on a budget.  But will you see a return on your investment?  Contact Symonds & Sampson’s knowledgeable agents can visit to give you some advice on property values before and after improvements are undertaken.

But if moving is for you, what are our ‘top tips’ for improvements you can carry out during the current lockdown which don’t cost the earth, but help with that all important first impression when prospective purchasers come to visit  Steve Allen, Residential Partner at Symonds & Sampson in Bridport believes that most viewers will know whether they can live in a house within a minute of stepping over the threshold, and then it's about whether it has the right accommodation or not.

  • Organising the parking area is the first step removing that old trailer or pile of gravel so that any would-be buyer can effortlessly pull into the drive and then leave afterwards. It is surprising how often vendors get this wrong. Practice make perfect - but you only have one shot at this.
  • Your hallway should be welcoming and as clutter free as possible. Many of us use our halls as dumping grounds, with abandoned shoes, hockey sticks and generally far too much furniture. Despite the advice of many property programmes, I personally do not subscribe to the view that all clutter is bad, as clutter is very much part of making a house a home. However, there is a fine balance between minimalism and homeliness, and getting it right creates an all-important feeling of space.
  • Finish all those DIY jobs that you started and never finished. A visible set of half-finished jobs leaves viewers  wondering if another incomplete task is lurking.  A lick of fresh paint on the doors and windows will create a good first impression.
  • Smell plays a much bigger part in the process than you would think, particularly on the subconscious. Therefore, banish old dog beds to the bin and don't cook a curry the night before a viewing.  Cheesy though it may be the smells of fresh coffee and freshly baked bread really do generate a feeling of well-being for anyone who visits the house.
  • Then inevitably the garden. With the summer on its way and the good weather kicking in this should be more of a pleasure than a pain. Tidy the garden cutting back those plants that will regenerate during the summer, pull those weeds and mulch your borders to set off your best plants and shrubs. Cut that lawn. A little and often; you will be surprised how quickly that alone can sharpen up a garden.

I can't guarantee you that completing these tips will sell your house at a premium as a result but they will give you the best possible chance!  Although the Covid 19 is the darkest of clouds, the lockdown represents a rare opportunity to get all the jobs done that you promised yourself you would complete before bringing your house to the market. And when the market returns, I can guarantee it will return with a bang so be prepared!

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