The 2019 Farms & Land market

Andrew Tuffin
By Andrew Tuffin

September 2019

Head of Farm Agency, Andrew Tuffin reports a high demand for Land & Farms in 2019.

The 2019 Farms & Land market

During 2019, Symonds & Sampson have been proud to showcase a variety of property that will appeal to a range of arable, dairy and livestock farmers and investors, as well as residential, recreational and equestrian buyers. 

Some fine examples of these properties are included this flipbook, which also contains market updates from my colleagues in our residential, lettings, commercial, property auction, farm dispersal sales and professional departments which demonstrates the diverse nature of our business.

Following an exceptionally busy end to 2018 the supply of new farms to the market was very slow at the start of the year amongst Brexit and market uncertainty.  However, since May we have experienced one of our busiest quarters on record bringing 20 farms covering 2000 acres to the market.

This has brought with it many new applicants, as Jon Summers highlights in his residential update.  It is pleasing to see many progressive farmers in the region seeking to expand, plus several local and national farmers with rollover money from development looking to buy in our region.

Despite reports of land values falling in some parts of the UK, values in our region are remaining fairly robust with good levels of competition for some, but not all properties.  A continuing theme is the divergence of values which is very location specific.  This is where you really need an agent with local knowledge.  Demand for smaller parcels of land can be fierce with some exceptional prices being achieved.

Enjoy looking through this list and please do contact our Farm Agents (pictured above, left to right Jack Edwards, Ross Willmington, Andrew Tuffin, Rebecca Kaye and Will Wallis should you be considering buying or selling property, and all rural professional services. 


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