Symonds & Sampson's Property Forum in The London Office

Symonds & Sampson are holding their next Property Forum in The London Office on Wednesday 3rd April, bringing their portfolio of properties to London and Home Counties buyers.

Symonds & Sampson's Property Forum in The London Office

This highly successful and popular event is held twice yearly; all our London and Home County registered applicants are invited to attend the Forum where they can meet and discuss their search requirements as well as any property related matters ‘face to face’ with members of Symonds & Sampson. Whilst geared towards London and its environs, past Forums have attracted applicants who have flown from as far afield as Switzerland to attend. Many have commented how much they appreciate the opportunity to have a knowledgeable, relaxed and friendly discussion with residential experts, be it for new build, an investment, holiday home or principal house without their needing to travel down to Wessex. They are able to see the wide range of properties we have available on the market and often viewings are arranged that afternoon.

Bob Bickersteth, who heads The London Office, comments on the current London activity:

‘It is understandable why buyers and sellers may be taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to the London property market. Prices topped out in the capital in 2017 and have been slowly declining since. Theresa May faces an uphill struggle to get her Brexit withdrawal agreement through Parliament, no deal remains the UK’s default exit position, and there have been repeated increases in Stamp Duty Land Tax. However, with signs that prices are bottoming out, borrowing rates being highly competitive, record low unemployment and strong underlying economic factors, there are those who believe the uncertainty offers an opportunity for eagle-eyed buyers looking for deals in the capital. That is good news for those wishing to leave London.

‘Demand for realistically priced properties up to £1m is good but lacking in supply and the reverse is true over this figure. Although there are tentative signs that the pendulum is swinging back, with more properties coming to the market at the lower end and demand increasing at the higher end.

‘We have recently researched the reasons why people move out of the Capital and to where the majority are moving. The majority of our applicants move out for their children; either for schools or a better quality of life. Affordability and lifestyle change have jumped up the list. Modern mobile technology has also enabled greater flexibility to work from home; either part or full time. As travel within London becomes more congested, more people are realising that commuting from the country to work a 4 or 5-day week in the city is a more practical solution to the balance of lifestyle. The traditional daily commuting areas are still the most popular but we have seen an increase in activity from people searching for property in the South-West, who need to commute less frequently.

‘Symonds & Sampson's Property Forums held in The London Office admirably serve as a convenient and effective means of assisting our applicants who are looking to buy in Wessex and do not always have the time to do the initial footwork ‘on the ground’. We welcome seeing them on Wednesday 3rd April’.

The London Office is strategically located in St James’s Place, in the heart of the West End and provides a vital connection between Symonds & Sampson countryside and town properties with London, Home County and overseas buyers.

If you would like further information as to how your property can be featured at the Forum please contact your local Symonds & Sampson office. 

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