Symonds & Sampson’s first ever online auction with Auction House

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ was Auctioneer Mark Lewis’s rally cry, as circumstances dictated a move from the traditional auction to the online portal Auction House.

Symonds & Sampson’s first ever online auction with Auction House

The results achieved were truly outstanding. 57 bidders were registered (including proxies executed by us), 115 bids were received, and the average sale price was 63% above guide.

One property was withdrawn and one sold prior to auction, leaving 5 of the 6 remaining lots sold 'in the room'.


Notable results included:

  • a workshop in North Street, Beaminster for 78% above guide price
  • 3.35 acres at Pilton sold at at nearly £21,000 an acre, 133% above guide price
  • 2.15 acres near Yeovil sold for nearly £23,000 acre, a jaw dropping 150% above guide price


'I must thank Auction House for their guidance, our wonderful staff - particularly Marlise Joliffe and Meredith Holmes for their hard work, and our clients and bidders who bravely embraced the journey into unchartered territory'. 

Find the full results here.  Our next auction will take place on 8th April 2020, featuring renovation projects and a charming cottage throughout Devon and West Dorset, click here for full details.

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