Symonds & Sampson Go Back to School

Amy Sweet and Immy Robinson braved going back to school as they present at the Thomas Hardye School 6th form ‘Future Day’

Symonds & Sampson Go Back to School

Symonds & Sampson were invited to present to the school’s 6th formers to share some wisdom an experience from the working world, as well as enlighten them about various career options available to them.

This year Amy Sweet, a graduate surveyor and Immy Robinson the firms PR and Marketing Co-ordinator addressed the sixth formers for the first time.

‘Rural surveying is a relatively niche career!’ comments Amy. ‘The majority of students would know very little about it unless they were from an agricultural background. Although my workshop was quite small, attendees were keen to learn about the diversity of the work involved.’

Immy’s presentation attracted nearly 40 pupils over two workshops! ‘Seemingly marketing, PR and events is a more glamorous option than surveying!’ added Immy, pointing out that it is a career offering a far wider range of work place options.

‘With Amy and I fairly recently graduating from University and entering the workplace, we were able to share first hand experience of first steps into the working world and the challenges it presents.  We both strongly emphasised the value of having had work placement or similar experience before, during and after further education.’

Symonds & Sampson will always try and accommodate work experience across all departments if appropriate, be it estate agency, surveying, marketing, lettings, auctioneering or even accounts and administration!

Get in touch with your local office for more information or Immy Robinson to find out if we can help you.

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