Symonds & Sampson begin reducing their carbon footprint

At the turn of the year, Symonds & Sampson chose to support The Queens Green Canopy Appeal by pledging to plant 5,000 trees over the next 5 years. Senior Partner Mark Lewis is delighted to report that planting is already well underway.

Symonds & Sampson begin reducing their carbon footprint

 “We are setting aside funds to plant a tree, through a range of projects, for every property sold by us over the next five years, amounting to several thousand new trees." says Mark, adding that "The first 500 hardwood saplings have been planted in Mid Dorset, as the photograph illustrates.


"Everybody within the firm recognises the opportunity we have to make a diference both through our own procedures and the guidance we provide for clients, with changing priorities at every turn. Advising on Countryside Stewardship, the Sustainable Farming Incentive, the Local Nature Recovery scheme and the Landscape Recovery scheme, amongst others, will be crucial over the coming years.

"For our part, to join the global race to net-zero we will be looking at how our offices and car fleet are run, while adjusting our business operations and behaviours to minimise our carbon footprint. It will take time and cultural change but we have, for example, already started by using eco-friendly print and packaging options for our publications including the much loved Country Matters magazine which, once you have read it from cover to cover, is fully recyclable. (If you haven't already done so, do call into your nearest office to pick up a copy)

"Since our inception in 1858, the way we live and work has changed beyond recognition. We have a new challenge - but one we relish".

If you'd like to find out more about how Symonds & Sampson can help you plant trees, please contact Mark on 01258 473766. 

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