Spotlight on - On Site Sales

With standing straw sales across the region over the coming days, here's an update from our On Site Sales Team

Spotlight on - On Site Sales

The imposed lockdown and movement restrictions following eruption of the Covid-19 pandemic meant the inevitable postponement of our Spring and Summer on-site machinery and livestock sales.  Greg, Mark, Lester, Will and Charlie however are keeping their hand in selling livestock through Frome market, which is open now with strict regulations in place, alongside online sales.

During lockdown a strong Farm to Farm trade developed, particularly for dairy and breeding stock, seeing an increasing supply and demand for both. We have a large register of stock to sell with equally as many clients looking to do business across the region, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for, or wishing to sell stock.

Greg has also been busy with applications for farm finance, and the important task of updating client’s valuations of their livestock, machinery and equipment for insurance purposes.

Starting tomorrow, we look forward to welcoming buyers to our 3 annual sales of standing straw, taking place at Rousdon in Devon, Durweston (a collective sale of straw from farms across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire) and Wynford Eagle.  Strict measures to ensure the safety of all attendees, but we welcome the chance to see familiar faces out in search of their winter feed.  With the extremes of a wet start to the year followed by prolonged warm, dry weather, prices are expected to hold strong.

Contact Greg Ridout or Charlie Coleman for further information on 01935 382909.

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