Sites for Sale

The high demand for property within our region sees demand for development sites and land remain strong as Calton Stockley, Land and New Homes Manager explains

Sites for Sale

Main image. Branscombe, Devon. A residential development site with outline planning permission for 10 dwellings.

Whether a single site for a self-builder or a multiple site for the commercial developer, the historic desire to reside within our region is now further fuelled with the present pandemic raising increases in demand from purchasers wishing to acquire their new homes within the area; this has ensured the requirement for development land market remains strong. 

Cudnell Avenue, Bournemouth. A single building plot with full planning permission for a contemporary 4-bedroom house

Calton Stockley, Residential Land and New Homes Manager at Symonds & Sampson works closely with colleagues within the firm to ensure the best options for planning and subsequent development are considered at the outset.

Martock, Somerset. A development site with full planning permission to erect a block of 8 new apartments with parking.

Other issues such as sustainability,  most suitable type of development and best method of sale  are taken into consideration at an early stage. Based on in-depth knowledge of all factors of the process, from the green field to the sale of the completed homes, the experienced departments within Symonds and Sampson are best placed to in providing best advice.    

Compton Dundon, Somerset. A former orchard with planning permission for 9 dwellings with gardens.

Symonds & Sampson are currently marketing a diverse range of development opportunities across Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, take a look here to see what is available. Contact Calton on 01305 251154. 



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