Setting a new benchmark for luxury living

February 2021

How rigid is your property search criteria? The opulent apartments at Royal Pavilion in Poundbury could tempt you off-piste.

Setting a new benchmark for luxury living

When house-hunting, you generally start with a list of essential things – they are the non-negotiable parameters such as number of bedrooms, location, outdoor space and of course budget. Beyond that, there’s always room to be tempted off course, something that you didn’t expect to might catch your eye; what you initially considered essential might no longer be quite so important as your heart overrules your head.

There’s a serious danger of your head being turned if you visit Royal Pavilion in Poundbury. Setting a new benchmark for luxury living, these impressive apartments just might tempt you off-piste.  Each unique apartment offers contemporary living at it’s best, within a landmark building designed in the style of traditional grand civic buildings. The quality if exceptional, the style is opulent, and with terraces looking out over Poundbury and windows overlooking the central piazza, natural light floods in.

So, open your mind to the convenience and luxury of apartment life, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Symonds & Sampson are currently offering 2 bedroom apartments for sale, each with a Guide Price of £850,000. Contact Peter Grout-Smith on 01305 251154 for further details. 


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