Sell live - and thrive!

The livestock sale ring at Frome Market is thriving, as auctioneer Charlie Coleman reports

Sell live - and thrive!

As we head into 2021, Charlie Coleman of Symonds & Sampson and Auctioneer at Frome Market is proud to see traditional livestock sales through the market ring, are thriving. The turn of the year has continued and improved on an excellent end to the 2020 calendar with prices flying and often far exceeding expectations.  The calf ring particularly has produced some outstanding prices, up on 2020 and giving farmers a reason to smile in these challenging times.  

2021 has produced certain challenges, including meeting the ARLA ‘Every Calf has a Value’ policy, but as it has always done, the livestock market has evolved and embraced the change enabling farmers to still put their calves to the open market and in turn being well rewarded. Prices have been regularly exceeding £430 for 6-week-old Blue dairy cross bull calves, some of the highest achieved throughout the country.

The steady rise of the beef price in the past year enables farmers to be justifiably rewarded for their hard work.  With more beef calves hitting the market now due to selective breeding and the extended use of sexed semen, we have seen an increase in the rearing of “milk” calves. Now in its second year, the reared calf section within the market is flourishing; fortnightly sales are now attracting over 250 dairy-bred stirks per sale, and firmly establishing Frome at the place to come for those looking for dairy followers.

Wednesday 28th April sees Frome Market’s inaugural “Spring Stirk Fair” kindly sponsored by Barbers 1833. With over 350 entries already, prizes will be awarded for best native, continental and dairy bred steers, and heifers between 4-7 months. Further entries are both invited and anticipated, and with large buying power expected it could be the time to make the trip to Frome as you will not be disappointed.

Please do not hesitate to contact Charlie on 07494 588013 or the market office on 01373 830033. As we continue to enjoy the flying trade in which the beef sector is providing us with please can I remind you all to “Sell live and thrive”!

Symonds & Sampson are proud to be auctioneers at Frome Market and have a dedicated team holding regular on sales of livestock, machinery and fodder. 

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