Rural Planning - A simplified process for Extension to Existing Commercial Premises in the Countryside

Over the last few years, with the shadow of Brexit looming and a potential reduction in subsidy payments, farmers have naturally looked to diversification as a means to generate further income to support their business operations. This tried and tested practice and has seen many redundant agricultural buildings being identified for either domestic or commercial conversion. Symonds & Sampson have helped many clients achieve consents for this type of diversification throughout the region.

Rural Planning - A simplified process for Extension to Existing  Commercial Premises in the Countryside

Unfortunately, one of the issues with building new premises in the countryside- whether for commercial or residential purposes- is that it is notoriously restricted.  The process can however be greatly eased where scheme the is an extension to an existing site.   This is particularly so in respect of commercial premises, where there is planning policy to support this, as has been successfully proven with the recent Grant of Consent for a client in the Purbeck District Council region.

In 2018 a client asked Symonds & Sampson to assist in the expansion of his storage facility from approximately 2,600m2 to a total new storage area of 3,020m2.  He had outgrown his existing premises, and we could therefore demonstrate a requirement for the additional space.

Consent was duly granted for the extension of the existing commercial storage premises without the need for a full planning application.  Some conditions were imposed under the planning consent, all of which the client was able to comply with, and the expansion of his successful business was secured. 

This method of consent will ensure that in the right situation, extensions to existing commercial premises in the countryside are feasible.   The Planning Team at Symonds & Sampson have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the various planning processes, and advise on the likely costs involved for the development.  We can also advise on the potential benefit in respect of income you could derive from such a scheme.

If you believe you have a potential suitable site for the conversion of a redundant agricultural building, extension to an existing commercial use building or would like to talk about the potential reuse of outside yard space, please contact either A-J Monro (01202 639408) your local office, or click here.

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