Planning Changes Proposed for England

The Business & Planning Bill was approved in the House on Commons on 29th June, and is music to the ears of those awaiting planning decisions where there have been unavoidable delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Planning Changes Proposed for England

As a temporary measure, the proposed legislation grants an extension where the time limit for commencing the unimplemented planning permission or listed building consent falls between legislation passing final approval and the end of 2020.  That time limit will be extended to 1st April 2021.

Where planning permissions have lapsed between 23 March 2020 and the date the legislation passes approval, the time limit for commencement would be extended to 1st April 2021 provided that additional environmental approval is obtained.  This is subject to a check on significant environmental issues, obtained by submitted an application to the Local Authority which would carry out a further Habitat and Environmental Impact Assessment before granting (or refusing) the application within a 28-day limit.

Outline Planning Permissions – the legislation would make similar changes for outline planning permissions where a time limit for making an application for approval of a reserved matter is to expire between 23rd March 2020 and 31st December 2020.

Listed Building Consents – Where a listed building consent expires between 23rd March 2020 and 31st December 2020, it would be extended to 1st April 2020.

Other measures contained within the proposed bill would be provision to

  •  apply for a temporary extension to construction site working hours
  • apply for temporary changes for outdoor catering, to make it easier for premises and operators to serve outdoors and off premises
  • add flexibility to use more than one type of appeal procedure
  • remove an issue of legal liability for lenders that eases the grant of Bounce Back Loans across the United Kingdom
  • temporarily change rules in Great Britain and separately for Northern Ireland for HGV licencing to manage issues from delays during the pandemic.

Edward Dyke of Symonds & Sampson welcomes the changes, saying, “Covid 19 has caused unavoidable delays in the planning system and this Bill provides the reassurance that there is now time to be able to sort everything out. We have a number of quite relieved clients!”

Contact Edward on 01258 472244 or Symonds & Sampson’s planning experts within your nearest office to find out more. 

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