Planning an extended camping season?

With relaxed Permitted Development rights set to revert to 28 days in January, A-J Monro advises anybody wishing to extend current use of their land for campsites or other activity to act swiftly if they wish to seek a permanent extension.

Planning an extended camping season?

In March 2020, the Government introduced a number of temporary permitted development rights under planning legislation in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of these rights were introduced to help support business in reopening and provide flexibility to encourage use of outdoor spaces. This includes marquees being put up in pub grounds, and an extension to temporary licenses for althernative land use. 

The current relaxed rules on Permitted Development rights that have allowed many businesses to benefit from an increase in the usual 28 days to 56 days are due to revert back to the 28 day rule from January 2022. This will mean that land uses such as pop-up campsites which have been so successful during the turmoil of Covid-19 will be limited to a far shorter season unless they were to submit a planning application to seek consent to operate for a longer period. Thereby if you want to continue to run your campsite or other activity for in-excess of 28 days, you will need to qualify this by way of a full Change of Use Planning Permission.

At the present time, planning applications are taking far longer than the cited 8 week determination period owing to delays within some Council offices due to Covid-19 and other issues.  Quite often applications are taking the best part of 6 months from submission to determination, thereby I would strongly suggest that you submit any application as soon as possible to ensure that it doesn’t impact upon your business plans for next year.

Should you require any advice on the submission of a full planning application to regularise the use of your land, or any other planning matter, please contact A-J Monro in our Wimborne office on 01202 882103, or our team of Rural Agents in your local office.

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