Phoebe Chatten - A Young Rural Professional in Dorset

January 2022

Dorset born and bred Phoebe Chatten is a Graduate Rural Surveyor with Symonds & Sampson, based in our Sherborne office.  Here she talks about life as a young rural professional within the firm.

Phoebe Chatten - A Young Rural Professional in Dorset

My Life    I consider myself extremely lucky to be living and working in Dorset following my graduation from the Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester in 2020. Home is right in the middle of the county, adjoining the Dorsetshire Gap, with the office just a short drive north to Sherborne.

My Work    I have a degree in Rural Land Management, and am currently working towards my APC.  During this probationary period, I am gaining valuable experience across all sectors of land management, from selling parcels of land at auction, through valuation work to all aspects of diversification and re-structuring of farming businesses.  Countryside Stewardship and Rural Grants are particular areas of interest, and following how ELMS schemes unfold as we move away from the EU and towards a ‘greener’ countryside policy is particularly fascinating.

Whether it’s for a valuation or a grant application, I love walking the land with farmers, exploring the enchanting depths of Dorset that I otherwise may not see. The land, and those who farm it, often share stories from generations past, and conversations often lead to new ideas for the future.

Training and Career plans    As part of training to become a chartered rural surveyor, and indeed once qualified, we are required to undertake ‘Continued Professional Development’ (CPD).  This enables me to keep up to date with the latest information, legislation and training relating to our work, mostly by organised talks and seminars, or more recently, webinars. I always enjoy CPD events as they are a great way to keep in touch with and build a professional network within the rural surveying community.  

I am planning to take my APC in Autumn 2022 as well as the Central Agricultural Association Valuers (CAAV) exam to become a fully-fledged Chartered Rural Surveyor with Symonds & Sampson.  

My favourite place    Dorsetshire Gap is my favourite place to walk and ride and I would highly recommend if you are looking for a Dorset walk with glorious views, I personally prefer to get there by horse as it makes the short but steep hill climb much more appealing!

Contact Phoebe at the Agricultural and Professional department within our Sherborne Office on 01935 818513

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