Our Property Showcase in the City

The Symonds & Sampson Autumn Property Forum at The London Office attracts buyers keen to relocate to the South West

Our Property Showcase in the City

The London Office opened its doors yet again to a variety of London buyers keen to find a new home in our region.  Despite the current political uncertainty and demonstrations in Trafalgar Square, St James’s provided a calm oasis in an uncertain world.  Symonds and Sampson were pleased to welcome a number of motivated buyers seeking personal meetings with our property professionals from across the company. With members of staff from different offices in one place we were able to present available properties, future instructions and the attractions of life in our beautiful part of south west England.

“This was my first forum and I was pleased to have a pre-arranged appointment with a London buyer seeking a substantial property in 2020.  After an initial relaxed discussion, it was apparent that he was searching over a wider area and it was very helpful to have Partner Richard Taylor on hand to impart his extensive knowledge of country houses in Dorset” said Angela Gillibrand.  “There were also walk-in clients currently seeking coastal property in Devon and Dorset which called on the combined local knowledge of Pete Grout-Smith and myself”

Our Property Forums in the capital offer the opportunity to meet potential buyers and sellers in a relaxed, convenient environment to discuss their requirements, taking advantage of the two dedicated meeting rooms.  The London Office offers a showcase for our properties backed up with the expertise of Bob Bickersteth and PR specialist Milly English.  

Contact your nearest Symonds & Sampson office to discuss how we can showcase your property through The London Office and wider network. 

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