New slurry infrastructure grant 2022

Further details have been released about grants available to farmers to improve their slurry storage infrastructure. Offering a range of grants, planning and farm finance services, Symonds & Sampson are well placed to assist those eligible for the grants, as Rural Surveyor George Whittaker explains.

New slurry infrastructure grant 2022

DEFRA and The Rural Payments Agency recently announced the outline framework for a grant scheme for new slurry storage infrastructure. The intention is to enable successful applicants to store and use slurry in a safe, efficient way that maximises crop nutrition and minimises nutrient losses.

What the grants are for?

The grant will be available to help replace, build new or expand existing slurry stores to provide 6 months storage. You will need to fit all grant funded stores with an impermeable cover, unless you treat slurry through acidification. The grant will be based on 50% of standard costs, still to be published.

You could be entitled to a 50% grant towards the cost of:

  • a range of slurry store types
  •   impermeable covers
  •   extra equipment like pumps, pipes and safety equipment

You can build more than 6 months storage, but the grant will only contribute to 6 months. The RPA will check this at full application. You can replace stores that have reached the end of their design life and may be susceptible to leaks or failure.

Will I be eligible?

You will be able to apply for a grant if:

  • your farming system produces slurry and you farm pigs, beef and/or dairy
  • you are a land owning or tenant farmer
  • you do not currently have 6 months of slurry storage that is fit for purpose

The RPA will prioritise projects that have the biggest environmental impact, focusing on those located near protected sites and will announce which locations it will prioritise before applications open.

You won’t be able to apply for a grant if:

  • you are a poultry farmer, arable-only farmer, contractor or horticultural grower
  • you already have 6 months of slurry storage that is fit for purpose

How much can I apply for and when?

The minimum grant you can apply for is £25,000. The maximum grant is £250,000 for each applicant business. Grants can cover up to a maximum rate of 50% of the eligible costs of a project. You must pay for the rest of the project costs with money from private sources like savings or a bank loan; the RPA will pay the grant in arrears.

At this stage, all we know is that you will be able to apply for the Slurry Infrastructure grant from autumn 2022 - More information is due to be released from the RPA in summer 2022.

Planning Consent

As part of the first stage of the application process, you will need to provide details of the status of a planning application for the works. It is anticipated that the majority of works to be undertaken through this scheme will require planning consent and starting the planning process early is likely to put you in a more favourable position for when the final details of this scheme are released.

For more information on either the grant scheme itself,  or associated planning matters or farm finance, please contact George on 01305 236578 or a member of our Rural Grants team in your nearest office. 

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