Move to Dorchester!

Naomi Garner
By Naomi Garner

December 2019

The County Town is judged to be one of the happiest places to live in the country

Move to Dorchester!

The results are in from this year’s Rightmove happy at home survey! With about 22,000 participants, users were asked questions such as the extent to which they feel a sense of community spirit, whether they feel safe and if they feel that locals are friendly and polite. In addition, other factors were taken into consideration such as local amenities; arts and culture, shops and restaurants, doctors' surgeries, schools and green spaces.

We are very proud - but not entirely surprised - to see Dorchester feature in the top 10 happiest places to live, with the entire South West ranking as the happiest region in Britain.

Symonds & Sampson have one of the longest established offices in Dorchester, and are proud to be in the heart of this vibrant and well-connected town.  If you are looking to re-locate, we would be delighted to help you find the perfect property in a town that you will be happy to call home.

From 5 bedroom Victorian Villas at £575,000 to impressive 1 bedroom apartments on the prestigious Brewery Square development at £220,000 in the town, we have a varied register of property throughout Dorchester and Poundbury, and we are confident we could cater for almost everyone.

Why not make the move to one of the happiest towns in the Country?  Call in to our office in High West Street, or call our happy Dorchester team on 01305 261008 

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