Letting Farms & Land

Finding the right tenant, using the appropriate agreement, agreeing the best terms all need careful consideration when letting a farm or land as Partner Jack Edwards explains

Letting Farms & Land

There can be any number of reasons why a landowner might decide to let out some or all of their land and there are a number of different options available to those wishing to do so. From short term licences to longer term agreements, it is always recommended that you speak to a professional to avoid running into any potential difficulties when trying to regain possession of the land and to protect the interest of both parties. 

At Symonds & Sampson we are regularly involved in the preparation of these types of agreements and have just had an exceptionally busy time coordinating this year’s grass keep arrangements for clients as well as offering various farms to let.

Here are some different methods that we can help advise you with if you are considering letting your land.

Grazing and Mowing Licences  These short-term agreements usually run from Spring to Autumn and enable the licensee to graze or mow the grassland. Responsibilities for maintenance and fertilising are usually the landowner’s responsibility whilst the licensee remains responsible for their stock or the mowing and taking away the crop of grass.

Contract Farming  This collaborative approach between the landowner and contract farmer sees the contract farmer carry out the operations for a fixed fee in addition to a share of the profit generated from selling the crop. This type of agreement often works well if the landowner still wants be actively involved in the management and decision making of their land but less involved in the physical farming operations.

Farm Business Tenancy  This is the most appropriate method to use where a landowner wants to step back from managing the land or farming altogether but still receive an income from a rent. A Farm Business Tenancy offers a high degree of flexibility to suit both parties and can run for any length of term.

Symonds & Sampson have a specialist team of agents across the region who can advise and assist with any of the above. For more information contact Jack Edwards on 01722 334323 or your local Symonds & Sampson office.

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