Let Them Eat Cake!

Not one but two marvellous charity coffee & cake morning are coming to a town near you…

Let Them Eat Cake!

Symonds & Sampson are getting something of a reputation for holding some of the best coffee and cake mornings around. There truly are some star bakers in the firm and the quality of cake is universally considered superb.

‘Our first cake sale of the year was somewhat put on ice due to the Beast from the East stopping many people attending (and some cakes arriving!) although we still made £600 thanks to the valiant Poundbury locals who were able to put on their snow boots and trudge over to find us’ comments Peter Grout-Smith.

So, as long we don’t experience any autumn snowfall you can look forward to another sale in Poundbury on the 4 October and one in Sherborne on 1 November.

‘Poundbury are renowned for their bake sale and raffle, so it is our duty to give them a run for their money and see if we can be crowned star bakers this year’ adds Jessica Weymouth from the Sherborne Office.

Everyone is welcome, so put the date in your diary, some change in your pocket and come on down and eat great cake for a great cause.

This year we are supporting Ducks & Drakes and Future Roots. Two local charities who help young people living with bowel cancer and support disadvantaged children and debilitated older people through farming.

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