Landlords - Test your Knowledge

Letting property is a highly regulated business - how well do you know the rules and regulations?

Landlords - Test your Knowledge
  • How many pieces of legislation do landlords have to comply with when letting a residential property?
  • What documents need to be served prior to the tenancy commencing to ensure formal two months’ notice to the tenant for possession is valid?
  • What is the smallest bedroom you can let in a home with sharers?
  • Do you know the law and recent legislation changes?

If you are a landlord, and would like to test your knowledge of these, and many more questions besides, join us at our Landlord’s Quiz night on Tuesday, 19th November in Dorchester.  Renting out a property has never been so tightly regulated and breaking the rules can land you in hot water. Rest assured, we understand the challenges of letting your property, and hope that this evening can bring and provide the necessary knowledge and information to help you.    

Symonds & Sampson Letting experts will be joined by experts from accountants Edwards and Keeping and the EPC assessors Green Energy Consultants, who will test the audience on their areas of expertise.

Click here for event details, All are welcome, but places are limited and must be booked in advance by email to Emma Newman 


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