Landlord’s Property Checklist

Emma Newman
By Emma Newman

November 2019

Maintenance is a year-round job. Emma Newman, Property Manager from our Central Property Management Department provides some handy reminders as we draw into winter.

Landlord’s Property Checklist

When it comes to preparing your property for the colder months of the year, it’s best to get your maintenance jobs organised well in advance.

Here is a useful checklist so you can stay ahead:

  • Repair and redecorate doors and window frames
  • Ensure loft insulation is at least 270mm thick
  • Insulate around doors, in loft spaces and in between floorboards to reduce any draughts
  • Insulate any external pipes and any pipes in the loft to prevent freezing
  • Ensure the annual landlord gas safety and/or boiler service is in date.

If you manage the property yourself, it is perhaps worth reminding your tenant to:

  • Have the chimney swept for any open fires, wood-burning stoves, Rayburns or AGAs
  • Ensure the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working
  • Ensure the shrubs and trees are cut back prior to the growing season, and protected from frost in cold weather
  • Ensure the gutters are clear from debris
  • Make sure the vents are not obstructed
  • If your property has an oil tank, remind tenants to keep it well stocked
  • Make sure tenants are aware of the risks of legionella bacteria in the pipes and taps if they’re away from the property for more than 10 days

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