It's good to be back

Jon Summers
By Jon Summers

November 2021

‘There is no substitute for traditional agency, being able to sit with buyers, discuss and understand their needs, match them to our properties’

It's good to be back

Symonds & Sampson were delighted to be back in London yesterday, after a Covid-enforced break. Partners Jon Summers and Richard Taylor with Peter Grout-Smith spent the day meeting prospective purchasers keen to escape the hum drum of the city for the pastures new.

Head of Agency, Jon Summers reflects on pre-pandemic times, “We held regular property forums and showcase events, and whilst the last 18 months have undoubtedly been successful for business,  lockdown followed by work from home led to a drop in face to face contact. Communication through video calling became the norm and to some degree will no doubt stay with us, but today has proved there is no substitute for traditional agency.  A return to traditional agency, where we can spend time with buyers, discuss and understand their needs, and match them to our properties is invaluable both to us as agents as well as the buyers themselves, many of whom travelled into the city specifically to meet us".

The London Office in St James plays a pivotal role in the marketing of Symonds & Sampson’s properties, not only providing exposure in the capital but linking 224 agency branches nationwide to assist clients from across the country with selling and buying property. Bob Bickersteth, Head of The London Office welcomed Symonds and Sampson’s back to London. "Having Partners from the local offices here to talk about specific properties, answer questions and advise buyers before their visits to the West Country is a great benefit".

To find out how we can match your property to our extensive national and international database of registered applicants, contact Jon on 01305 251154 or your local Symonds & Sampson office 


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