Introducing Sampson & Porter

May 2021

Symonds & Sampson and Porter Dodson support Dementia Friendly to help reconnect the elderly

Introducing Sampson & Porter

Jenny Cottrell of Porter Dodson and Chloe Hooper of Symonds & Sampson with Robopets Porter and Sampson 

We’ve all been feeling the effects of the pandemic, feeling a sense of loneliness or being cut off from family and friends, but none are feeling it more than the elderly and vulnerable in our local care homes and in care homes across the country, especially those living with dementia.

Jenny Cottrell of Porter Dodson in Sturminster Newton nominated Newstone House in Sturminster (where her mother is a resident) to receive one of Dementia Friendly Gillingham’s giveaway robotic cats last autumn “on the basis I would also donate a second pet, from my own resources.  We weren’t lucky on that occasion as we are too far from Gillingham.  Then Anne Kings (the organiser) contacted me to introduce Sue Reader of Marnhull.  She also wanted to donate a cat in memory of her late mother Rosemary Joyce and Anne paired us up. It seemed worth asking Porter Dodson and Symonds and Sampson Estate Agents, Chartered Surveyors and Auctioneers if they would like to join in and they both readily agreed to get involved and donate a dog each to accompany the two cats”.

The result is that both Newstone House and Nazareth Lodge will each receive a feline and canine friend for their residents.  The benefits for the recipients are well-established, especially when (pre-restrictions) both homes were regularly visited by pets and all kinds of other creatures (“I met two donkeys leaving the lift once in Newstone” observes Jenny).

Mark Lewis of said “The long established firm of Chartered Surveyors, Symonds & Sampson, have bought a Robo pet and will be donating it to patients in a dementia home in Sturminster Newton. We are delighted to be involved in this initiative with regional law firm, Porter Dodson. Their pet is called Porter and ours, of course, is Sampson!”

Chloe Hooper who works as a Residential Negotiator at Symonds & Sampson says “The Robotic Companion Pets are hugely beneficial for people living with Dementia; people with Parkinson's, Children with Special Needs, the Elderly, and anybody suffering from Mental Health issues.  Patients in NHS Dementia wards who had previously been anxious, frightened, and who tended to wander, suddenly calm down, and start to interact with their new companion. The pressure taken off staff was immediate and made them feel good too.”

Richard Baker, Head of the Family Team and CSR Partner at Porter Dodson, said: “Being able to reach out into the community at these challenging times means a lot to the Firm. It is important to us that we respond to calls for support from those who need our help during very challenging times.  Putting others first is at the heart of what we do, and small gestures such as this can make a huge difference in the lives of others.”

Jenny concluded “Well that was the best thing I have done all week/month/year!”

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