House for renovation sells 50% above guide

A detached house built in the 1930’s sold at Symonds & Sampson’s auction on 23 April for £425,000 50% above the guide price.

House for renovation sells 50% above guide

Auctioneer Mark Lewis found the sale quite poignant “The house was bought by John and Kathleen Musto in 1972 and I have had a close relationship with the family for most of my life. I went to school with the three children and John taught me A level art so, following Kathleen’s death it was the end of an era.

“The house had hardly been touched for 50 years and attracted over 70 viewings with 31 people registered to bid and 383 legal documents downloaded. In addition over 500 people tuned into the internet to watch the auction.

“The bidding rose from the guide of £275,000 very rapidly with, often, two telephone bidders and internet bidders all competing at the same price. The hammer fell, after 30 bids, to a buyer from Hampshire.

“A thatched house at Wool, Wareham, also sold for £295,000”

Symonds & Sampson’s next auction in on 21 May and there are 18 lots of land and cottages for renovation throughout Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Wiltshire. Full details from Mark Lewis 01258 473766

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