Home Survey Standards – a benchmark for residential surveys

If you need a residential survey, you can be sure that our surveyors offer the highest standard of service, as James Shapland explains.

Home Survey Standards – a benchmark for residential surveys

In April 2019, the RICS launched a consultation process following a review of existing guidance relating to home surveys. During the consultation process it was found that transparency, consistency in advice, consistency in methodology and competency varied greatly from report to report. This meant that the consumer could never be entirely sure what they were getting for their money.

As a result the RICS, seeking to promote trust in the profession, produced the Home Survey Standard. This single benchmark for all home condition surveys seeks to set mandatory principles for its members and regulated Firms. Whilst the standard covers when to use certain phrases, how to set out the Terms of Business and what each survey type must contain, one of its main thrusts is to develop good pre and post survey client care, something that all departments at Symonds & Sampson pride ourselves in.

The RICS state the purpose of the new standard is as follows:

  • to establish a clear framework that sets minimum expectations; this to protect and maintain consistent and high-quality standards in residential property survey services that RICS members and regulated firms provide
  • to provide mandatory requirements for RICS members and regulated firms in the UK who deliver any level of residential property survey
  • to replace and harmonise previous RICS publications relating to residential surveys.

(RICS 2019)

Symonds & Sampson’s RICS surveyors stand ready to implement the new standard for 1st December 2020, following its delayed launch from 1st June 2020.  If you are purchasing a property or require a survey for other purposes, please contact our team, who are working within strict safety guidance during these unprecedented times.  Contact James on 01202 639404 to discuss your requirements. 

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