Final call for Rural Grants

Nick Rymer
By Nick Rymer

November 2019

A new Rural Development Programme for England funding opportunity opens today

Final call for Rural Grants

In the current political climate, there has been considerable uncertainty on the subject of Rural Grant Funding, with many schemes having already come to a close.

Happily, however, another round of RDPE (Rural Development Programme for England) grant funding has begun with applications being accepted from today (4th November 2019).

There are 3 ‘themes’ for these grants:

  • Business Development
  • Food Processing
  • Tourism Infrastructure

Not only must eligible projects fit within one of these three categories but they must also comply with the priorities for the Dorset area, as set out by the RDPE. Funding can cover up to 40% of the project costs (the minimum grant contribution must be £20,000).

This round of funding will be using up the last of the cash set aside for the programme before the country leaves the European Union. It is likely that another form of funding will be put in place but there is no sign as to what that will look like, or when it will become available. As such, it may be worth considering applying for a grant now.

Expression of Interest forms must be submitted before 16th February 2020, and if successful, the applicant will be asked to provide a full application to be considered by the RDPE. Both the expression of Interest forms and the full application forms can be a daunting prospect as they demand a great deal of detail.

If you would like to further discuss the possibility of applying, contact Nick Rymer on 01202 639 403 or a member of our Rural Grants team.  

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