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Jan Merriott, Commercial Manager is upbeat about commercial opportunities in our region

Commercial Property Eye

We live in a bit of bubble in the West Country, unaffected by the very worst Parliament can throw at us.
Dorset and the bordering counties remain relatively immune from the sharp end of business.

Tourism improves year on year, farmers farm, engineers engineer – notably defence and aerospace (an important part of the local economy) remain committed for long periods, and the high percentage of better off retired here have a relatively safe income to spend.

Wessex is less affected by say, the decline of the car industry. The troubles in the high street are not so obvious here, rents and rates weren’t particularly unsustainable in the first place (excepting perhaps central Bournemouth) and in many respects it is business as usual.

However, from an commercial agents perspective we do experience an anomaly in times of uncertainty that is not often reported by wider research. What can happen is the supply of property can dry up even when all the fundamentals are sound, yet there are still plenty of
buyers. Vendors perhaps perceive things are worse than they are.

Decent development and investment opportunities become rarer and the remaining transactions seem to be over scrutinised by the advising professionals. Whilst retail property is not quite as in favour as it was, office and industrial property are less affected.

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