Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) for 2019

Details of the Basic Payment Scheme for 2019 have just been announced. Will Wallis explains what changes have come into effect, what action should be taken and the deadlines for applications to be submitted.

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) for 2019

The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) will, as in previous years, run from 1st January to 31st December 2019.  All who intend to claim payments under BPS for 2019 will be required to comply with the BPS scheme rules for the entire year, despite the UK’s intention to leave the European Union (EU) this spring.  The Greening and Cross Compliance rules remain largely the same as 2018 and the latest guidance on this will be available online soon.

The RPA have once again implemented a number of mapping updates this year, and we suggest checking your maps online sooner rather than later to ensure that they are correct.  Any necessary corrections can be made prior to submitting the 2019 application. 

In 2018, a new hedge layer was added to the online maps.  There are still a number of inaccuracies with the mapped hedges and it is advised that you also check to ensure that these are correctly marked.  This is only necessary if hedges are required for EFA requirement or as part of a Countryside Stewardship application.  To correct hedges, it is necessary to submit an RLE1 form with sketch map to update and show any incorrect or missing hedges.

The deadline for transfers of land and entitlements is 15th May 2019.  It is recommended that entitlements and whole parcels are transferred online where possible and in plenty of time. Transfers of part parcels or non-owned land still can only be completed by paper RLE1 forms.

The deadline for submitting applications and supporting documents remains midnight on Wednesday 15th May 2019.  Our advice is to not wait until the last minute, act quickly and be prepared for 2019. 

Finally, there have been reports of a number of incorrect payments still from 2018, so do check that you have been paid correctly!

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