Basic Payment Scheme 2021

With the BPS claims season about to begin, Lester Williams shares the latest information from DEFRA

Basic Payment Scheme 2021

Symonds & Sampson’s Rural Grants team will shortly be sending maps to existing BPS clients to enable them to confirm their cropping plan and identify any ineligible areas.

We have published information on BPS going forward as it has been released, with early details of the Environmental Land Management Scheme starting in 2025.  In November, Rural Surveyor Chris Powell outlined the Road to Sustainable Farming, including details of the Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 – 2024. DEFRA have also published ‘The Path to Sustainable Farming: An Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 to 2024’ and  Farming is Changing publications which update and summarise the plan.

If you would like guidance with your 2021 BPS claims, or advise on the changes ahead, please do contact Lester Williams on 01935 814488, or our Rural Grants team in your nearest Symonds & Sampson office.



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