Ancient bluebell woodland to change hands for the first time for 446 years

In 1572 the Arundell family who lived at Wardour Castle in Wiltshire were gifted 250 acres of Semley Common by Queen Elizabeth 1st. Despite the turbulence of the next few centuries the land has remained in their ownership ever since but part of the woodland will now be offered up for sale by auction on 27th April.

Ancient bluebell woodland to change hands for the first time for 446 years

Mark Lewis, from auctioneers Symonds & Sampson, is honoured to market the property which will be offered in 6 lots ranging from 1.6 acres up to 20 acres.

“This land is very special. It has a wonderful history but has been traditionally managed so that Wiltshire Wildlife Trust in a recent report declared it ‘high quality’ ancient woodland. Over 100 different plants and trees were found on one parcel including many rare and threatened species in Wiltshire, nationally or globally.

“Many of the plants read as though they should appear in a medical dictionary from the 16th Century; Hart’s tongue, Male and lady Fern, Creeping Bent, Nipplewort and Wavy Bitter Cress. Other plants include Bluebells, Archangel, Primroses, Wild Strawberry, Garlic Mustard and Holly.

“It is the most magical place and the views across Semley towards Wardour and Pyt House are spectacular”

It is very rare for common land to be sold and there are some ancient Estover rights that some people in the village can enjoy such as taking wood to mend carts and ploughs . More recently there is a right to roam over Common land .

Mark Lewis finishes by saying “We are sure that the new owners will respect the management of the woodland and take forward the traditional ethos that the Arundell family have adopted and, who knows, this land may stay in another family for over 446 years.

For more information about the woodland for sale please contact Mark Lewis 01258 473766

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