A new managing agent for Poundbury courtyards and unadopted areas

Symonds & Sampson are proud to have been appointed as managing agents for the Poundbury Management Companies

A new managing agent for Poundbury courtyards and unadopted areas

With effect from 3 February, Symonds & Sampson Estate Agents have been appointed by the three Poundbury Management Companies (MANCOs) as managing agents to deliver the day-to-day estate management, including repairs and maintenance, in all the courtyards and communal areas of Poundbury.

MANCO Director Peter Noble explained, “As Poundbury expands, the companies responsible for maintaining the courtyards are experiencing an increasing workload which falls on the company directors, who are unpaid volunteers. With over 2,000 residences and business premises, we decided the time is right to delegate some of the routine work to a professional managing agent, leaving Directors more time to focus on strategic issues and forward planning.”

Reports of issues such as blocked drains, faulty lights or surface problems in any of the courtyards can still be made direct onto the MANCO website www.poundburymanco.co.uk but will now be automatically redirected to Symonds & Sampson staff who will commission tradespeople to deal with the issues. In addition, there will be a new direct telephone number for making reports (01305 756968).

Ryan Holmes is to lead the managing agent team for this work for Symonds & Sampson. He explained. “We are delighted to have been selected to take on this important role. As a locally-based business ourselves, we understand the importance of maintaining courtyards and common areas to a high standard – for the benefit of residents and visitors”.

Photo caption from the left (Photo credit Neil Crick): Ryan Holmes (Symonds and Sampson), Peter Noble (Chairman and Director MANCO2), Graham Douglas (Director MANCO3) Debbie Illes (Director MANCO1)

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