A “For Sale” board - your best 24/7 selling tool!

Jeremy Smith
By Jeremy Smith

February 2020

Residential Partner in our Yeovil office Jeremy Smith is a great believer in the power of a For Sale or To Let board on your property

A “For Sale” board - your best 24/7 selling tool!

Estate Agency has evolved hugely over the last 20 years.  However much the importance of advertising in local papers, improved sales particulars, illuminated window and office displays or of course in the last 20 years the emergence of the internet have featured, few agents would debate that the most consistent source of enquiries is are “For Sale” or ‘To Let’ boards.

Potential purchasers or tenants at the early stages of property hunting may not have registered their requirements with agents, but often spend time driving around the area they hope to move to, so mightn’t be aware that a property is on the market without a board.   ‘Word of mouth’ is an ever-powerful tool, particularly in rural areas, where word will get around that the property is on the market much more quickly than if you didn’t have a board.

Sometimes people might think that as they live in a quiet lane or cul de sac, a board might not be so useful. However, I remember many years ago this argument was put to me whilst marketing a bungalow in Yeovil in a close of only 4 properties.  We were struggling to generate interest in the property, until I had managed to persuade the client to put up a board.  Within days, the eventual buyer for her property came of a direct result of her milkman telling a friend that the property was on the market!

Why not contact Symonds & Sampson’s experienced agents to arrange your free sales or rental appraisal, and discuss not only the benefits of a “For Sale” board but the quality service that we offer our clients.

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