2020 Vision

Mark Lewis
By Mark Lewis

January 2020

Symonds & Sampson are looking forward to 2020 and the dawn of a new decade - as Mark Lewis explains

2020 Vision

When I reflect on the last decade my first thought is ‘where did the time go?’ The 2012 Olympics seems very recent and the film of Boris Johnson suspended on the high wire an enduring image. Little did we know that it was an inauspicious analogy of the hopeless suspension we witnessed in Parliament when he was hamstrung and left high and dry by his fellow politicians?

It was a poor reflection on our governing body and the country made their feelings very plain when the December election result was revealed. Many people heaved a huge sigh of relief and others have predicted a wonderful time of milk and honey in the following months. But is it really going to be so buoyant?

We have been extremely lucky at Symonds & Sampson because, during the uncertain times since the Brexit referendum, we have sold and let more residential, agricultural and commercial property than ever before and opened more offices in Dorset and Somerset.

The market has not been ‘on fire’ but our ethos of providing sensible and professional advice has given our clients great comfort and confidence. Other well established, and newer firms, have struggled and some have gone out of business.

Some commentators are suggesting a 15% increase in house prices over the next five years and others that there will be a Brexit bounce but most are hedging their bets about whether we leave with or without a deal, what happens to interest rates and whether stamp duty can be diluted for buy to let investors. There is a lot to consider.

As ever supply and demand will dictate prices but sellers will still have to be competitive to achieve sales and we forecast that sensibly priced properties will find ready buyers across our region.

Whatever it is, wherever it is Symonds & Sampson will be able to sell it for you.

Please keep an eye on our website throughout the year for trends and news especially property auctions which can provide the barometer of what is happening in the market place. We are delighted that we have maintained our position as the leading firm of auctioneers in the West Country for the fifteenth year running and look forward to ‘lots’ of your properties this year.

Please also follow our website blogs which will have an array of articles including details of our fund-raising efforts for  Mind - The charity educates people about the symptoms of mental health and we will be raising as much as possible for  branches of the charity within our region to support the invaluable work they do at local level towards this vital cause.

We will, as ever, be holding a number of seminars and attending shows through the summer so we hope to see you at these events. Our marquees are very popular meeting places frequented by clients who are established but also new ones and this blend always makes for a lively gathering.

My feeling is that we are entering an exciting time and we, at Symonds & Sampson, will embrace the new decade with excitement and vigour and we hope you join us for the ride!

Happy New Year!

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