Home Buyers Reports - Peace of Mind for Purchasers

Published: 09/05/2023 By Chris Drake

When purchasing a property, the last thing you want to find is a hidden surprise lurking amidst the bricks and mortar. Peace of mind can come in the form of a Homebuyers Report or Survey, as Surveyor Chris Drake explains.

A Homebuyers Report or RICS Level 2 Survey provides an assessment of the overall structure and condition of a property and is best suited to buildings that are less than 100 years old and in reasonably good visual condition.  The report sits in the middle of the pre-purchase range being less comprehensive than a Level 3 Building Survey but more comprehensive than a simple Mortgage Valuation or home condition survey.

A Homebuyers Report can be a useful tool and help a purchaser make an informed decision about the property they intend to buy.  As well as highlighting any defects that require short-term repair, the report will also allow a purchaser to budget for any maintenance to the property that might be required in the longer term.  

The report will include an inspection of all visible and accessible parts of the property, including the roof space, outbuildings, and grounds. It will also include a visual assessment of the condition of the property’s services such as the heating system, electricity, water, and drainage.  The results of the inspection are presented in a clear and concise format using a system of traffic light-inspired coloured indicators that highlight any defects identified.  The report will also include a summary of the key findings and recommendations for any further investigations or remedial works that may be required as well as highlighting relevant information about the property that should be obtained via your solicitor.

Symonds & Sampson can produce a range of RICS Level 2 and Level 3 Survey reports as well as bespoke reports to suit a variety of purposes, not just buying a property. Please contact Chris Drake at our Sturminster Newton office on 01258 472244, and find further information about the Survey & Design services Symonds & Sampson offer here.