Village life at it's best

Village life at it's best

A peek inside just one of Dorset's lovely villages.

Stourton Caundle is a beautiful Dorset village in the Blackmore Vale, midway between Sherborne and Sturminster Newton. About 400 people live there, with a healthy mix of young and old, established village families and new recruits.

In some villages the same few stalwarts seem to organise every event but in Stourton Caundle the whole village pulls together and a look in the excellent village magazine, The Stourton Caundler, shows how much is going on.

There are interesting articles about the garden club and spare allotments, and details about bell ringing, short mat bowls and snooker, badminton and table tennis, a village golf morning, the cycling club and a pub quiz. There are folk singing nights and talks on ‘bomb proof’ roses and how to grow a bar garden.

The pretty village church features highly with details of services and a few words from the hard working Rector, William Ridding. You can also follow a delicious recipe and read all about the spotting of Red Kites over the fields.

It really is worth a visit especially if you fancy a pie and pint at the Trooper Inn or a good walk around the footpaths.

As the famous Dorset poet William Barnes wrote

'At Peace day, who but we should goo
To Caundle for an hour or two:
As gay a day as ever broke
Above the heads of Caundle voik,
Vor Peace, acome for all, did come
To them wii two new friends at hwome
. Zoo while we kept, wi nimble peace
The wold dun towir avore our feace
The air at last, begun to come
Wi drubbens of a beaten drum;
Ani then we heard the horns loud drouts
Play of a tuenis upper notes;
An I then agean a risen chearm
Vrom tongues of people in a zwarm;
Ani zoo at last, we stood among
The merry feaces oi the drong

Very little has changed!

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