Success for S&S at the Beaminster Horticultural Society Show

Success for S&S at the Beaminster Horticultural Society Show

As sponsors of Beaminster Horticulture Society, we were thrilled to see them hold such a successful show during the summer.

I’m very proud to say our Administrator, Jane Crabb won a 1st prize for her stunning hydrangea. Also it was lovely to that one of our vendors had won a prize for a lovely sketch of her garden. Congratulations both! 

Here is a report of the show: 

Beaminster Horticultural Society held its very successful Open Summer Show, sponsored by Symonds & Sampson on the 10th of August.  We had a total of 693 entries which filled the Pubic hall with colour and sent.

A list of the prize winners is as follows:-

RHS Banksian Medal for Vegetables and Flowers - Bill Howarth
Challenge Cup for Vegetables - Bill Howarth
Trotman Cup for Cookery - Georgina Young
Handicraft - Elizabeth Wrench
Pope Cup - Celia Rus
Flowers - Bill Howarth
Floral Art - Tina Hedditch
Wine Cup - Georgina Young
Roses - Ann Crawford
Best Pot Plant - Celia Rus
Egg Cup - Jacob Passmore
Family Trophy - Luckraft/Cornish/Slater
Junior Cup under 6 - Oakley Chant
Junior Cup 7-11 - Noah Slater
Best exhibit children - Frances Smith
Best Allotment - Ann Crawford
Large Garden - Gill England
Small Garden - Christine Corson
Photography - Paul Barrow
Noah’s Ark - 1st Bill Howarth, 2nd Ann Crawford, 3rd Pippa Luckraft
Gardeners Delight - 1st Gill England, 2nd Bill Howarth, 3rd Kim Thomas
Top Vase - 1st Bill Howarth, 2nd Marlene Stantiford, 3rd Christine Corson

Delicious homemade cakes and tea were available throughout the afternoon which was rounded off by the presentation of the cups and awards.

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