Spring Your Way To Success

Spring Your Way To Success

Although hard to believe with our recent weather, it really is spring – the time of the big clean! If you are thinking of selling (and even if you’re not!) read some of our top tips for getting your home looking its very best.

1)      Tackle it room by room – we all know that cleaning is boring and if you try to dust the whole house in one hit you will probably give up. Doing it room by room allows you to see your progress which can be extremely satisfying and can spur you on to keep going.

2)      Be ruthless – we very rarely have to sell a dirty home but often sell a cluttered one. Clutter can make your home seem much smaller and can be off putting to buyers who can only see you living there, not them. Think about what you really need and use and send the rest to the charity shop!

3)      Tackle the kitchen – this can be a make or break room for a sale so make sure it is looking its best. Empty, clean and re-organise cupboards, scrub into every corner and crevice, remove the magnets and scraps of paper from the fridge door and get those surfaces as clear as possible and show off your space!

4)      Beautiful Bathroom – somehow we all seem to hoard hundreds of half empty bottles of shampoo and families tend to have a different set of products for every member! Try to hide as much of this away or at least stack in neatly on a shelf. Tackle grotty grouting, banish mould and mildew, update any faded shower curtains and hang clean towels neatly and polish that mirror as this can make a world of difference.

5)      Skirting Boards – are magnets for dust and grime. You might not notice it but your viewers will! Tackle this first with a vacuum, then some polish or some sugar soap and you will be amazed at how much dirt you might find!

6)      Bedrooms – try and go for the hotel vibe. Viewers don’t want to see your laundry basket or overflowing drawers, and bulging wardrobe. Have a go at re-organising your clothes and if your duvet is a little dodgy invest in some crisp white sheets and accent pillows and make sure the bed is always made and curtains drawn when viewers are expected!

7)      Children – keeping a house tidy when you have children is a little like shovelling snow when it is snowing. Invest in an attractive storage box in the sitting room and their bedroom which you can hide all of their toys in and easily put them back in again when they inevitably are quickly removed after five minutes!

Now I think it’s time for a cup of tea…


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