Snowed In!

March 2018

Snowed In!

Just a few of our memories from that freezing Friday!

Stalbridge Weston

A snow plough kindly cleared the road in our hamlet but only pushed the snow into everyone’s driveways so we were well and truly stuck. Time to cook some comfort food, beef casserole and chicken curry and a few moments to finish reading my book, Dirk Bogarde’s autobiography, Snakes and ladders.

Glanvilles Wooton

The village was snow bound for couple of days and I have been helping an elderly couple feeding calves, walking their dog, checking the heating and not forgetting to top up bird feeders!


Although not as isolated as many villages, the majority of residents were Blandford bound and the streets have never been so packed with people collecting supplies and heading to the fire in the pub! The best thing was seeing the community spirit as the 4x4’s were out in force helping taxi people to hospital etc. and the farmers with their tractors rescuing stuck and abandoned cars. An important lesson was also learned… 75kg of logs is a lot for two girls to carry in their arms for 1.5km in a blizzard!


The highlight was seeing two people heading down to the pub in a telehandler! Anything for a pint!


Luckily I was able to still walk to work and even more conveniently a cake day (with many leftovers) had been held on Thursday in the office. Needless to say by Monday these leftovers are somewhat diminished! 

Ryme Intrinseca

Wonderful Patrick, got his caterpillar digger out and cleared the snow to the main road but did NOT dump it in driveways! Frieda the Jack Russel got her first taste of snow and was so light spent most of her time sliding around on the top!

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