My First Sky Dive (aged 63¼)

My First Sky Dive (aged 63¼)

I still don’t know what made me say the words “I’ll do a sky dive” to raise money for Symonds & Sampson’s charities, but before I could change my mind my secretary, Theresa, and colleague Tim Hale had agreed to join me so I couldn’t back out.

The date was set for 7 September 2019 and we arrived at Go Sky Dive to be inducted for our sky dive. The induction was short, a 5 min video and another 5 mins being shown a few essentials! The plane was tiny, but 16 of us, eight instructors and eight students squeezed in. During the flight there was some nervous fistpumping, but not much conversation. As we approached the dropzone, the red light came on. Theresa was first out of the plane because she didn’t want to hear anyone else screaming! That’s when everything became a bit
surreal. When it was my turn to leave the aircraft I thought, “I just hope this all goes well!” and focused on the brief training we had been given.

We jumped; the instructor got control of the freefall, and suddenly we were flying vertically downwards at 125mph. All I noticed was the rush of wind and the exhilaration. I did not get much chance to look around but did see the ground rapidly approaching. Surprisingly at no time was I at all concerned! Suddenly there was a shout in my ear and the instructor shoved his hand in front of me and counted down five seconds. I heard the parachute deploy, felt a jolt, and suddenly all became quiet and serene. The most nervous moment was when the instructor said he was going to check the parachute had deployed correctly!

I was asked whether I wanted to do any spins and turns and I declined, saying that I was quite happy to be a steady Eddie!
As we floated down, I had a wonderful view of Stonehenge, Old Sarum and the Cathedral, the views were amazing.
We came in to land at about 15mph. I made sure I followed my instructions to the letter, keeping my legs out and landing on my bottom with a bump, but in one piece.

It is interesting to note that Theresa was first out of the aircraft but last to land. I was middle one out and middle one to land, and Tim, who was last out of the aircraft but, being an adrenaline junkie, requested the tight turns and spins on the way down, was first to land! We have been incredibly well supported by friends, family and clients, and have raised just over £6,000 to support Symonds & Sampson’s chosen charities of 2019 which includes about £2,400 given to the Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal.

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