Grab a coffee in the 'old' office

Grab a coffee in the 'old' office

Find out where we think the best coffee in town is.

Walk around any market town looking for a cup of coffee and you will be spoilt for choice. Although many people buy from a national chain the best drinks, and more personal welcomes, are invariably from the independents.

One of the best coffees, in my opinion, comes from a local company called 918 Coffee Co from Semley near Shaftesbury who are famed for their responsible sourcing and eco-friendly ethos. You can grab yourself a cup at one of my favourite cafes in Sturminster Newton, ‘Stur of the Moment’ conveniently just a few steps away from the Symonds & Sampson office.  

Not only does this café offer arguably the best coffee in town it brings back fond memories for me.

The first time I went into the café it was a step back in time as it was once the head office for my father’s firm, Senior & Godwin, who amalgamated with Symonds & Sampson in 1990.

The foyer was previously my old office, after I returned to the firm in 1986, and the main café was the work place for what was known as ‘the back office.’ This was really the engine room of the firm where six ladies spent the day sorting post, putting together particulars and hand colouring plans, there were no colour photo copiers in those days. It was also home to the invaluable Roneo machine! (Something I am sure the young will have to google!)

The room also contains a rather magnificent safe, I think we once jammed 16 people in there, but this was well used when the firm were running the livestock market in the town which was Britain’s largest calf market. Cheques, cash and receipts were safely locked away after the Monday market. We eventually moved to The Old Police Station over the road because it has the best window in the town.

So if you visit Sturminster Newton and you fancy a decent cup of coffee, or prefer to linger over lunch please visit the Stur of the moment.

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