Featured Artists 2020 - Lusea Warner-Gale

Featured Artists 2020 - Lusea Warner-Gale

Symonds & Sampson will be featuring artwork on the covers of their collective property auction catalogues during 2020. The colourful Lyme Bay Fishing, by Lusea Warner-Gale has been has been chosen for the cover of the catalogue for the 24 April online auction.

Lusea Warner-Gale – Lyme Bay Fishing – 2018 – Oil on canvas 100x100cm 

Living on the Dorset coast, Lusea is a marine and landscape artist who has always been fascinated water and the power of the sea.  Through her colourful paintings and drawings, she seeks to capture the deep ‘old’ soul captured within the sea, and convey her love of water to all through her work, believing this is fundamentally important to our wellbeing.  Visit her website to see more of her striking work, which Lusea has exhibited through the UK and abroad.


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